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Finished a Game! :-O

It was a wild two weeks of challenges, game dev, and packing for a big move. Why did I agree to a game jam during a time I’m supposed to be moving? I’m THE CHAZ, that’s why! Or maybe just hubris in general. Don’t look at me!

Regardless, THE DAMNED THING IS DONE! It is over here.

Final Version

It isn’t absolutely perfect, it isn’t as polished as I want it to be, but this is my modest first game release. Hopefully not my last – the process is amazing and one that I find quite addictive. The process of research, learning, problem solving… it is quite the game loop onto itself.

Just a couple months ago I had never completed a programming project and soon I may have two fairly “major” projects completed. Maybe I’ll be able to release actually useful little Pico-8 tools or programs?

While I was working on Sun Escapes Me I had put the Star Trek Shmup on the shelf to some extent to allow more focused energy out of me. My body just found another side project to get started on: messing around with putting together a raycasting engine and actually understanding what I am doing. My current tutorial project is written with HTML5 canvas and Javascript.

Beyond that, I feel a certain kind of energy in my life that wasn’t present before. Focusing on Bitcoin in my “personal life” with Lightning Junkies and having a full time dedicated to the same subject matter was too much. There’s a good chance I might get overwhelmed with game dev and pull back a bit but so far things are going full steam ahead. Hosting a show and being a talking head isn’t my jam – creating things and expressing myself in whatever weird ways I can is my jam.

Where will this journey take me? Am I on a more positive path? Will I find an even deeper well?

With that, Chaz out!