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Lightning Network based ChatGPT - SparkGPT

I’ve been expanding my ChatGPT based Chat App that I previously built! I’ll explain a bit more what I’ve been doing down below but the first big news is:

First PR on SparkGPT!

I’ve recently made the SparkGPT open source and with that came my first PR! Dylan jumped on and started helping me with the frontend appearance! This is the first incoming PR I’ve ever had on a project of mine which is a great milestone!

Beyond that, I’ve been trying to add new commits and changes everyday:

New Features:

  • Added support for multiple models including GPT3.5-TURBO and GPT-4!
  • The Chat page has been greatly improved in how it pulls data from the backend, including user messages, assistant messages, and message deletion links.
  • Got PrimJS added to parse programming language syntax in the incoming Markdown coming from OpenAI.
  • Added basic username and password to serve as a placeholder until I figure out something like LNURL-AUTH.
  • Encrypted the Sqlite database that the app uses.
  • Added better error handling.
  • In other to troubleshoot easier, better logging has been added.


  • LNURL-AUTH will need to replace basic username and password login. Since app is focused on being a Bitcoin Lightning based GPT based chat app, LNURL-AUTH seems essential.
  • To further improve the experience with SparkGPT, streaming messages from OpenAI would be another big improvement.
  • Continue to improve the visual appearance of the app overall. The payment page needs the most love at the moment.

Other Projects:

I’ve been trying to stay busy with a few other things, I’m currently doing two other smaller projects.

  • Phase Two of the Lazy Devs Shmup Project on Pico 8. This is the followup to the tutorial project I started for Star Trek: Collective Mischief that was also on Pico 8.
  • Since I play around in Python/Flask constantly, I decided to try to recreate this blog (that you’re reading this on) in Python and Flask. I’ve managed to get it looking very similar, got most of the functionality working, and put together some post creation tools to make using this Jekyll blog easier to use as well.