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Focus on Python

In July I started my game dev/programming journey. Things have been less than linear since then. I’ve made two small games and I’ve been learning programming non-stop.

Since my last post, my focus has honed in on Python even more. Everyday is spent practicing problem solving with Python and sometimes Javascript. My practice regimen includes Replit, SoloLearn, CodeWars, and a little bit on Leetcode. As a side thing, I’m also learning basic graphics programming via the Raycasting Course (JavaScript and C) on Pikuma.

Trying to conquer Python and eventually Javascript seems like a great way to become a well rounded programmer and eventually a well rounded game developer.

My current project is tinkering around with the Python Bitcoinlib and trying to construct my own basic Bitcoin Wallet in Python. You can find the Github for this project over here.

I’m continuing to learn a lot and trying not to get frustrated by regex.