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Small Bitcoin Projects

Small Milestones

In an attempt to celebrate small victories where I can, I am mentioning a few small victories in the last month. I’ve been engaged in a slow grind on learning programming and continuing to practice everyday if I can.

In my previous post I mentioned I had made a small Python script for the conversion between sats (Bitcoin’s smallest denomination) and USD. You can find this over here: Sats Conversion.

Sats Conversion in PyGame

Since making that script, I’ve made another version of the same thing but this time using the game library for Python called PyGame. You can find it here: Sats Conversion in PyGame!

Most of the reason I did this is I wanted a way to be able to interact with the program with the keyboard directly. Pressing 1 or 2 will bring up a GUI menu (despite most of it being text) instead of a pure command line experience.

Most of the experience here is essentially the same as the baseline Python project but just with some added complexity because the concept of “state” is needed for the different screens of the program/app. Whatever the hell it is!

Javascript Practice using Bitcoin Price Again

Bitcoin Price Get

In an effort to continue to practice programming, I wanted to see if I could get a Bitcoin price using Javascript instead of Python. It took me longer than I wanted to but I did eventually get it working using slightly more convoluted methods than on Python. Of course I was using the Requests library on Python when doing the POST request which made it much easier.

There was slightly more work here but still managed to get the price, use a JSON parse, and then got the price from the nested arrays. Fairly simple project but something that I had no idea how to do before this month.

What Next?

Not exactly sure where these projects are supposed to lead. Do I eventually try to write a simple Windows application using a C based language? Maybe do a simple Sats conversion app for Android?

This was a bit of a short post but I’m here still being non-linear.