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Current Game Dev Projects:

July-September 2023:

Currently working on a Raycasting Engine in Python/Pygame, a 3D Engine in Python/Pygame, and a map editor that works with both of the previously mentioned engines written in Python/Pygame/Pygame GUI. The 3D engine also adds ModernGL (OpenGL for Python) into the mix to allow for the involvement of the GPU and GLSL shaders!

You can read the first update about this project here!

Previous Game Dev Projects:

June-September 2022: Star Trek: Collective Mischief:


In June I started my game dev adventure by starting a Shmup tutorial by the folks over at Lazydevs. This has led to an absolute explosion of understanding and exploration in programming. This is mostly focused on the Lua scripting language at the moment with some other minor experience with Javascript.

This has progressed to the Lazy Devs Basic Shmup Showcase where the completed version of Star Trek: Collective Mischief has been revealed! Go here to find download links!

August 2022: Sun Escapes Me:

Final Version

Sun Escapes Me is my entry to the LOWREZJAM game jam. This is my first game jam as well as my first game release. Please click the link above to try out the game! You can play it in the browser or by downloading the build for your operating system.

Previous Other Projects:

March-June 2023: SparkGPT:

SparkGPT - Essentially a chat app where you use Bitcoin over the Lightning Network for usage of GPT3.5 and GPT4. [demo]


January 2023:

Steam Price Tracker - A web app to allow users to track Steam video game prices using website scraping. [demo]

Previous Lives:


Lightning Junkies: A Bitcoin Lightning Network podcast focused on my learning journey and technological analysis of Bitcoin/Lightning Network. Currently on indefinite hiatus.


Portrait/Wedding Photographer:

Model is Lux Lacheln, Photo by Chaz

A long time ago my main focus was photography and becoming an expert in that. Mainly focused on portrait photography before having a wedding photography business full time. Moved on from this because it seemed to lack a technological challenge. Right around 2011 was when I started to play with Python for the first time.