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What is Sun Escapes Me?

Project Completed during August of 2022 during the LOWREZJAM, spanning August 1st at 4am to August 15th at 4am, being submitted late night on August 14th.

Sun Escapes Me was made on the Pico-8 fantasy console.

Sun Escapes Me Logo

Sun Escapes Me Chaz’s entry to the LOWREZJAM 2022 game jam. This is Chaz’s first game jam as well as my first game release EVER. It is part shooter and part endless runner. Until it’s not.

For some reason the SUN is really PISSED. You better be pushing your engines to the limit to escape! The gravity well of the SUN is slowly increasing over time. The gravity meter is seen along the bottom of the screen.

Asteroids knock you back and nebulas seize up your engine for a brief time.

You can use energy weapons to blow up asteroids before they hit you but if your weapons hit a nebula, they’ll bounce back at you! Maybe you can use that to your advantage somehow?

You can find binaries for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, ARM Linux (Raspberry Pi), and Android on Github/Itch.io:

Sun Escapes Me on Google Play

Sun Escapes Me on Github

Sun Escapes Me on Itch.io

Sun Escapes Me on Newgrounds

Sun Escapes Me on Lexaloffle BBS


Game Programming/Design/Art/SFX: Chaz

Art: Cat

Music: Gruber via Pico-8 Tunes Vol 2!