Yesterday was the start of the LOWREZJAM 2022 game jam. This has been something that I have been thinking about doing since I saw it on itch.io a few weeks ago. This would be my first game jam and possibly my first released game if things go well. First day started off a bit slow.

First order of business was to brainstorm some ideas, establish scope (so I actually finish within the two weeks allotted time), and maybe start creating some art assets. Cat was excited to add their own artistic expertise and creative mind to the project.

The folks over at the LOWREZJAM have released a set of 10 optional themes. Later on in the day Cat and I spent some time brainstorming. We ended up picking a game where the sun is exploding and you need to escape its gravitational pull. Our goal for this game jam was to create at least 30 seconds of fun through our game.

Spent all of last night putting together a little prototype. Couldn’t figure out collision right away. Put it down for now. Will try to work out more of this stuff today.

Where we ended last night: