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Current Learning Journey:

You can find my current projects here.

Last Updated: April 2023

The last few months have been focused on learning Python as well as possible. In that same time, I’ve gotten a job where I use Python and Github on a near daily basis in order to provide tools to the internal team that I work for.

Python is something I practice on a daily basis and a language I use professionally. Short term goals include mastering JavaScript for professional reasons as well as my own knowledge.

Through my daily exploration, I’ve found the fun of learning new programming languages like Rust. Hopefully my learning continues and continues!

Currently learning about:

  • Python/Flask and Related Topics
  • Javascript
  • Rust

Actively using:

  • Git/Github
  • Neovim
  • Markdown (via blog and Obsidian)

Curious About:

  • Lua/Pico 8
  • C based languages

Who am I? Why am I?

My name is Chaz, I’m on a long journey. Still not sure exactly where I stand and maybe that’s okay. I’m just here – reporting back about this strange experience called life.

This website is mostly being used as my professional portfolio. The same kind of portfolio that I used to have for my photography back in the day.

I’m letting my curiosity guide my journey and trying to take things that happen in good humor. Or at least try my best!