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Mental Health is a Thing

Apparently it has been multiple days since my last update. LOWREZJAM is still ongoing and I’m still trying to finish Sun Escapes Me.

My mental health has been ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLllllllll over the place in the last 5 days. From being ready to conquer the world to feeling like the world had already ended on top of my head.

It has been a battle to return to this more stable emotional state where I can actually work on game dev. I’ve made some updates to Sun Escapes Me, the biggest of which was the art asset upgrade where the SUN is a pissed off character.

Maybe the SUN is reflecting how I currently feel – scared and frightened of the future. Maybe I’ll take it out on somebody else? This isn’t kind, this isn’t nice. Perhaps you should just calm down?

No thanks! Anyway, this first game being complete will be a great first step in my game dev journey. My second complete game will hopefully be the Star Trek Shmup. Right after the LOWREZJAM ends in a few days I will be starting the Shmup game jam where I will be finishing the Shmup I started in the Lazy Devs Tutorial.

Hopefully by the end of August I will have two complete games. Both space games but with very different tones and feelings. Or not.